What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is used for short run, usually between 1 and 200, for large sized signage, posters, t-shirts, garments, fabrics, plastic, metal etc... All of the tee-shirts, street signs, retail store signage and Health and Safety signs you see, are printed using this process.

Screen Printing

What is Litho Printing?

Litho printing is also known as lithography or lithographic printing. Lithographic or 'litho' printing has been around over a hundred years and used to be the standard method of printing, industry-wide. While many 'printers' have moved away from lithography towards digital printing (copiers), The Print Shop still invests in the process, as litho is still extremely appropriate in today's technological age. Four or full colour litho printing is still the most cost-effective way of reproducing longer run (over 1,000) top quality work, as it can produce a richer spectrum of colours than colour copiers or digital printing.

Litho's low cost per page, makes it the most cost effective solution, for runs over 500, whether it be single, two, three or four/full colour, especially on stocks which copiers (digital printer) struggle with; coated stocks, thick card, NCR sets etc.

Litho Printing

What is Digital Printing?

Professional digital printing is used for short run jobs (usually less than 500), using high volume laser printer/copiers and/or large format poster printers. These jobs can either come from desktop publishing or other digital sources or copied from 'hard copies' (existing printed documents).

Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional litho printing methods, which means that it is a more appropriate solution for short run (usually less than 500), such as business cards, brochures etc. and work which requires some finishing steps; multi-page documents, booklets, stapled documents etc. which in the digital world, can often be provided as a feature of the copier/printer, which shortens the process time.

Digital printing can be most appropriate, where tight deadlines are the case and cost is a secondary consideration. It allows for on-demand printing, where you can walk-in and walk out with your job completed. If you wish to really target individual tastes with your message, we can even a customise images (variable data) with each impression, so that every sheet delivers a different message, tailored completely to the individual. The more relevant the message, the more likely the audience is to do what you want. This method has shown response rates well in excess of traditional printing.

In recent years, digital printing has reached a point where it it is approaching litho printing quality and capabilities. The Print Shop invests in only the best equipment and keeps it maintained in top condition, to ensure top quality, accurate, consistent colour, every time.

Digital Printing

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